Major electrical utility in Japan
(30 million clients)

Use of Unicage for ETL processing when deploying smart meters (1440x increase, from 27m to 39b records/ month)

  • 56x speed increase in data transfer from meter data management system into CIS (7 million records, 2GB in data) – from >40m in Java to ~40s in Unicage
  • Calculation of electricity charges in CIS (daily and monthly aggregates) – reducing 2 and 4 hour-long batches to 10-40 second executions (300-700x increase)
  • 67x decrease in code size – from 20k lines in Java to 300 lines in Unicage

Unicage POC vs. Java for complex ETL

1. Complex ETL

Data code transfer between meter data management system (MDMS) and operating fee system (CIS).
Mainframe character code - Japanese local code.


Unicage is applied to CIS

2. Unicage is applied to CIS (Customer Information System)

Which calculates the electricity charges:

  • Daily aggregate of host data and server data by organization unit;
  • Monthly aggregate.

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