Major bank and credit card processor in Japan (30m clients, 200k merchants, 100m transactions/month)

Use of Unicage to track consumer credit and allow online bill payment by clients

  • 4x less code (from 3.6k lines of code in COBOL to <1k Unicage instructions) and 5x faster development (from 3 months to <3 weeks in Unicage)
  • 8x faster processing (from >15h in Hitachi Mainframe, down to <2h in x86 based Unicage architecture – using 5 6-core CPUs)
  • Significant cost reduction (~$1m Host investment replaced by ~$50k x86 acquisition)

1. Replacement of Batch Processing System (Major credit card company)

Large data set is processed on the host.
This process will be ported to Unicage. We receive the data that needs processing from the host, Unicage performs some processing, then compares it.


Processing Speed

  • Processing time was reduced to 1/8 of the COBOL system (116.00/929.69=12,4%)
  • Unicage was measured running on 5x86 servers (6-core CPU x 2, 48GB RAM)
  • If the number of servers is increased and processing distributed, even faster processing is possible.
COBOL Unicage
(Single x86 Server)
(Five x86 Servers)
929.69 min.
(15hrs. 29mins)
313.58 min.
(5hrs. 13mins)
116.00 min.
(1hr. 56mins)
Hardware Host
  • Initial Investmentover $1M
  • Maintenance Fee also High
Single x86 Server
  • Dual 6-core CPU’s
  • 48GB RAM
  • nitial Investment $10K
  • Maintenance Fee is Low
Five x86 Servers
  • Dual 6-core CPU’s
  • 48GB RAM
  • nitial Investment $10K
  • Maintenance Fee is Low

Development Productivity

  • Using COBOL:
    24 processes and 7 jobs required, so development took three months.
  • Using Unicage:
    Coding - 5 days; Testing - 5 days; Performance Tweaking - 3 days Developed by a Unicage engineer with 5 years experience in 13 days.
COBOL Unicage
Number of processes 7 Jobs & 2 4 Processes 11 Shell Scripts
Development Time 3 months 13 days
Lines of Code 3,645 981

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