Unicage Development Philosophy

Best Cases

  • Fast processing of large datat sets (Summing, Searching, Reporting)
  • Transaction processing such as order management
  • Support for interbationalization (UTF-8 Text Data)

Borderline Cases (Where Internal Development is not Optimum)

  • Legal, accounting, etc. use cases based on social rules (Financial Accounting, Salary Calculations, etc.)
  • Areas where software packages are already very functional

Not Recommended (Extremely Challenging)

  • Device Drivers
  • Complex User Interfaces
    (However, perfect for a data interface using HTTP)
  • iPad, Android, RIA or .Net web applications

Drag and Drop GUIs
3D calculated for polygons

Unicage is strong on agile development and prototyping


Virtuous Cycle of Unicage development


Fully Distributed Philosophy


Separate by BUSINESS, Separate by ORGANIZATION DATA, PROGRAM and HARDWARE are all separate

1. Separation reduces waste, improves processing speed.

2. With roles separated, maintenance becomes easy.

To Separate is
to Understand


NON-SHARED DATA is held SEPARATE SHARED DATA is FULLY SHARED (original data is distributed)


Unicage Follows the Unix way of Thinking:

  1. Small is beautiful
  2. One program (command) should only do one thing
  3. Prototyping should be as fast as possible
  4. Portability takes precedence over efficiency
  5. Data is stored as plain text
  6. Commands are used as “levers” (can be combined & reused)
  7. Applications are written in shell script
  8. All programs are designed as filters (pipes)

Source: “The UNIX Way of Thinking” by Mike Gancarz