Our value proposition to partners

Joining the Unicage network allows for an unique and distinctive value proposition for our integration partners.
Deliver highly competitive proposals from a TCO perspective (strong savings on HW costs and RDBM licensing).
Deliver extremely fast time-to-market leveraging Unicage’s fast development and low maintenance code solutions.

Unicage is increasingly recognized

Unicage/MUFG case short-listed for “Best Use of Emmerging Technology” award.


Hosted in one of Lisbon’s most vibrant innovation hubs.

Our partner network
What we seek and deliver in a partnership

Projects and Services

Partner has full ownership and drive of projects and maintenance contracts, with the ability to integrate Unicage with other technologies (front-ends, schedulers, ...) as needed. Unicage offers:
• Integration of Unicage consultant to facilitate liaison with software vendor and help ensure quality of delivered client solution (at pre-defined hourly rates);
• Availability (on demand) of Unicage engineers to support projects as needed;
• Readily available courses and training materials to support skill development.


Unicage provides licenses in a clear and transparent pricing model (annual subscription, licensign per server, price tiers per number of CPUs) and shares licensing revenues (in a pre-defined percentage) with partner in recognition of:
• Partner acting as client/ deal originator/ developer (at start and while partner keeps active role in contract retention and evolution);
• Partner providing services of technical support during client development efforts (support pilots, PoCs, ...) and during contarct lenght (while partner provides support services).